Tuesday, February 17, 2009

New Rule!

Can only update SUC while eating ice cream directly from the container.


Things have been slightly less than ideal over here in SUC-land, but I am regaining my equilibrium by counting my blessings and chasing my zen. (By which I mean going to bed at 8 and eating a lot of ice cream.)

1. My mom and Shia LaBeouf have the same birthday. My mother posted it on her wall. "Her wall?", you ask. Oh yes, her wall, because my mother has facebook friended me.

2. A while ago I ordered the magazine Everyday Food (Martha Stewart's magazine for people who like to cook but also have lives) and I have made it my goal to make at least 2 recipes from every issue. Jan/Feb's magazine had a recipe for Turkey Paprikesh and it was AWESOME. (Though instead of just using sweet paprika, I used a combination of sweet, smoked, and hot. Which gave me some interesting ideas for a new BBQ rub, I want to experiment with.) Next I think I will try either Sweet and Sour Pork Stir Fry or the Dijon Potato Salad. (Yes, this is exciting to me. This is because I am BORING, but if you can live with that, you can come over and eat at my house.) If anyone has any back issues of Everyday Food sitting around the house, I will take those off your hands.

3. I saw Coraline with my cousin and some friends and while the 3D was cool, OMG it hurt my sensitive peepers! I have never had to look through glasses before and it sucked. (Yes, I know, call me a waaaaaambulance.) That being said the movie was AWESOME. And creepy. Creepy as in when the movie really got dark many children in the theater started crying and maybe also some older persons may have hunched over in their seat and clutched dramatically at their 14 year old cousin, but then played it off like they were not freaked out at all because they are an adult and this is a claymated movie.
Additionally, the movie features numerous scotty dogs, which really reminded me of certian relatives (Hi, Gram Cracker!) who may own a lot of small bearded dogs.

4. I see 8 o'clock is rappidly approaching, which if you are keeping track, is my new bed time. So good night. If I hustle I might just be able to brush my teeth and get into bed on time.

Waaaa waaa waaaa. Things suck.
Blah blah blah ice cream.
Quiana + Shia meant for each other.
Also Facebook = tool meant to ruin EVERYTHING.
I am boring. Shameless begging.
Coraline = Awesome and a little bit scary if you are a wussy von wusserton.
I am boring/old.

Bonus Night Cap:

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