Sunday, February 08, 2009

I believe the appropriate word for this is...



erin said...


Sorry. That's what honestly went through my head when I saw that graph. I know I should say something more PC like HOLY FUCK or MOTHER OF GOD, but JESUS CHRIST was what was in my head.

I seriously did not mean to make so many religious puns there. I swear. I mean, did you see the graph?! We're in a Depression!

qtilla said...

In every possible sense of the word.

Today I decided to stop paying on my student loans between now and August and pump every penny into savings in case of another round of layoffs.

And I was this close to paying this all off this year. I guess I would rather have $6,000 cash than $0 of debt that I don't owe payments on till 2020 and can be deferred at any moment.

Elwood said...


That's beyond bad. That's rapidly approaching FUBAR.

Angie said...

Ugh, that makes me depressed.

It'll be nice when you aren't laid off and you can throw the money you saved on your student loans and still be right on track.