Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hopefully things are going splendidly for all today.

This year I am thankful for:
1. Having a job. I'm very blessed to not have been laid off.
2. Having a family that loves me. (Even if sometimes I think that they are trying to kill me by annoying me to death.)
3. Good friends, and lots of them. (Even if some of them deserve a nice face punching lately.)

In Thanksgiving news, here is a lengthy article about the not-so-appetizing Thanksgiving food on the Space Station. They say it is kind of gross, but I think in this case it is location, location, location. Dude, you guys are eating rehydrated yams, but you are eating them IN SPACE. My food will be amply delicious, but I will be eating it sandwiched between my great grandma and 13 year old cousin who eats like the Beast in Disney's Beaty & The Beast, before he learned to use flatware.

In non-thanksgiving news:

Best article title today: Japan Polar Bear Mating Stymied by Gender Mixup.
Not it for checking the gender on polar bears. Apparently long fur obscures their sex organs making it difficult to tell the gender of a polar bear (and one assumes the fact that they are 1500 pound killing machines does not help either). Although I think that when you go to breed polar bears, it helps to know what you are starting with.
("Author's" note: there is some bush joke in there somewhere, but I'm tired, so sorry about missing that.)

A brief article about the Tesla electric car. The car for wealthy nerds. *sigh* Why can't I be as wealthy as I am nerdy?
Answer: Not enough money available?


Elwood said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Q! I hope that I'm not on the face-punching list.

qtilla said...

Nope, your face is A-OK!