Friday, October 24, 2008

Occasional Lengthy, Rambling Posts About Nothing…now at SUC.

Things remain awesome on the island. I’m preparing for my Halloween-stravaganza, getting my robotics team prepped for competition, and helping my newest tutoring student (who is a real gem). In fact I feel a bit as though I am dipping my toes into my real life again. Which, honestly, is making me a little stressed out; but I think I need a little balance between the Wii Fit/TV viewing/ reading festival of Mathew McConaughey-level relaxation and my former complicated overly busy life.

I think part of that balance is retaining my 3 nights a week in rule and another part is quitting Smart People on Ice. Some of you probably noticed that I quit updating. I did make my goal and while I enjoyed putting things up there and knowing what I had been up to all that time, I wasn’t entirely honest about my activities every day and it was making my life more complicated. Part of the change is also learning to say ‘no’. ‘No’ is a very useful word, and letting go of all my feelings of obligation has been very challenging, but I am working on it.

In other news, work has been pretty stressful and I think that it is time for me to accept that my job will simply be harder and I will have to work very hard. It has been a while since I have been really challenged in my job either by workload or difficulty/complexity of tasks. (Of course dealing with idiots has been a constant challenge.)

In awesomer news, have I mentioned my ridiculous infatuation with geniuses (Hey, Dean Kamen! Still waiting for your call. Sitting here by the phone. Limbering up. Call me!), and obsessions with terrifying animals and Muppets are all featured heavily in the news lately? Uhm… cause they have:

1. Why Australia is not #1 on my list of vacation destinations, three words: spider eats BIRD. IT ATE A BIRD AND IT IS A SPIDER. If you don’t want to sleep again (ever) click the link. (I can’t stop looking. BLEEEEHHHHHHHH!)

2. Muppets you can make and own at FAO Schwartz.

3. Muppet Noir Murder Mystery being shopped according to The Hollywood Reporter.

4. More Muppet Youtube videos. GENIUS.

5. It looks like I have some tough competition in my quest for the hand of/stealing the life of Sir Richard Branson:

"He's got to be that guy that we all just secretly want to live his life. Even if it's just for a week I mean wouldn't that be incredible? If you had to pick one person he would be the guy for me, I would want to be him for a week." — Charlize Theron on Richard Branson.

Back to the rambling:

Last weekend I assembled the majority of my (awesome) Halloween costume and became aware that even though I had not really intended to be a slutty anything this year, a girl dressed as Big Bird cannot really help but look whore-y on account of the bare legs and feathers. Bare legs + feathers pretty much always = Vegas showgirl. The only saving grace is that my costume looks extremely… homemade so at least I won’t look like I was going for sexy. (Perhaps it is that I actually am unable to suppress the sexy.)

End of incoherent message.

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Elwood said...

Don't rule out Australia. It was pretty awesome.