Monday, October 27, 2008

Here is where I blather about nothing:

1. Jim and I started watching Valentine. On the CW… with the Greek gods… starring the stalkery girlfriend from Dexter…. Is anyone watching this? Anyone? Just us. Great.
If you like fun, you should watch this show. If you don’t like fun, there is always ER. (Zing!)

2. Halloween approaches and I am stoked. My costume is 90% complete, so that is excitement right there. Now we just have some baking and decorating left. Mmmmmmmm baking (and the required taste testing).

3. I am throwing myself into winter hibernation mode with abandon. Yesterday (pretty much the whole day) I watched TV and drank delicious egg nog. (I know it is early, but it is Monica’s fault for having it last Saturday.) I am enjoying sweatpants and the nestlike bean bag chair. Winter beverages and winter foods. Hooray for cold weather! Hooray for staycation! Hooray for overzealous beverage companies that sell egg nog before Halloween!

4. I think all my blog friends hate me as it seems that so few people are updating their blogs. With all this lack of blog reading time I suppose I could invest in blog writing. Hmmmmmmm….

5. I am wondering about my fascination with Don Draper (RAWR) in Mad Men and why he is so attractive and feeling as though these rawr thoughts are the kind that a good Bryn Mawr feminist should not think. On the other hand, Don's wife is a Bryn Mawr Girl, perhaps we are all a tiny bit defective in that regard? (Or maybe it is just the design I find sexy. I love the clothes. I should have a sexy design party. We could watch Tron, Pushing Daisies, and Mad Men. Amazing design there.)

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Drew said...

Drew will be studying on halloween while his hot girlfriend goes as Lady Luck. :(