Thursday, October 30, 2008


So, I think I mentioned that I've always believed I was Irish (with a little Scott)/Native, Croatian/black.

And here is the thing, I look Croatian to actual Croatians.
I don't look black.
I don't look particularly Native (though I am going prematurely gray).
And I don't look very Irish.

See, Croatian. Right? (Also, sidenote: Does my head look small to you too?) (Second sidenote: Isn't it nice that the picture cuts off right before any dangerous cleave sightings? That dress was too plungy and in every other picture it was like "Oh, there's me and Mebbie and Righty." Good times.)

Well, apparently my whole life my Mom had merely guesstimated and as it turns out I'm actually Romanian.

Shit, you guys. I don't know what Romanians even look like. I don't know a single Romanian. I know many Croatians and they look like me.

I have been in Croatian-drag for nearly 3 decades.

I am cognisant that the difference between one former Axis nation and the other is something like the distance in miles from Reno to Seattle.

But having grown up with essentially no racial identity, I really really have none now. With so little to call my own, I'm going to miss Croatian me.


Elwood said...

Isn't it nice that the picture cuts off right before any dangerous cleave sightings?

Um...if you say so? :)

Ris said...

You know Cat, right? She's Romanian!!!

erin said...

That IS confusing, but Romanians are pretty cool. OK, so I maybe don't know any Romanian people, but wanted to make you feel better.

And hey, now if I see you on the mean streets of Seattle I can be all "HEY! I KNOW YOU FROM THE INTERNET!" How awkward, right?

(Don't worry, I won't ever do that. Well, unless I am drunk. Then all bets are off.)

Tripping Daisy said...

I second Erin's comment.

Back Nine said...

Romanians. They're female Romans, right? And while you are concerned about cleavage and all, have you noticed your head is about to fall over? I'm just saying.

qtilla said...

Big head, skinny neck. It's all physics.

I tilt a lot actually. I can watch people titling to match my angle unintentionally on occasion. It's quite diverting.

I'm also a side-talker. :)