Friday, September 22, 2006


Last night my cousins and I went to see Wicked.
Wicked was visually pleasing, had a few very good lines, excellent performances, and two or three pretty good songs, but I felt that the show was so-so. I enjoy musicals in general but there is this musically predictable sort of Andrew LLoyd-Webber styled sort of musical that I don't enjoy. Where there are soaring inspirational songs and sorrow songs and boring boring love songs.
There have been a few musicals in the past few years that I think have escaped that trap, Chicago for one, but where is a new style? There was the Roger's and Hammerstein style, now the Lloyd-Webber style, what's next?
Maybe I'm a curmudgeon, but I want to see something new in musicals.
Wicked was nice and I don't feel like I wasted money to go and see it. If Chicago was a decadent molten chocolate cake, Wicked was a perfectly nice store bought cookie.

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