Wednesday, December 05, 2007

I'm a blog-slacker.

Here, take this random crap:

I've been busy lately and as Christmas approaches I am becoming kind of... nervous. I'm trying to move from a store bought present format to a home-made present format, because I want Christmas to be more thoughtful and less 'gimme gimme'.
Every time I try to improve Christmas I get spanked, so I'm just a bit apprehensive that people will not realize that I put my time and effort into their gifts. Anyway, if I give you a gift this year and you are not happy with it:
1. blow me.
2. pretend to like it so that I won't go home and feel sad about Christmas.
A cool Christmas gift idea: Charity Navigator's gift cards. If you don't know what to give someone and are ready to admit it, give them a charity gift card and they can give to any one of the numerous charities on Charity Navigator. I think that is pretty neat.
Today is Repeal Day, so go have a drink. If you can't, let me know and I'll have one for you.
That is all.


Patrick said...

Today is also Ninja day according to NPR who had the guy from askaninja give his thoughts on the writer's strike. Ninja AND repeal day all in one? It's like Christmas came approximately 20 days early!

Rachel Smith said...

That charity link is awesome. What a great idea. On MY blog (plug, plug) I just wrote a post about MIT's one laptop per child campaign. It is a bit spendy, but if I were still in Seattle within reach of guilt tripping everyone I know and collecting, I would try to throw together the money to donate one to a kid in Africa so that he could have the capability of starting his own blog. It warms the heart.
Miss you.

qtilla said...

Don't worry Pat, I drank stealthily. Well as stealthy as a girl can when enjoying tequila. And then I went home and practiced running up a wall.

Rachel, that is an interesting point you brought up. I myself have been thinking a lot about my charitable giving. Recently I shook a few places up by telling them they can't have my money anymore because I want to give more money to increase family planning in Africa and more to UNICEF and less to hipster radio. I can picture hipster radio station hosts in their argyle sweaters saying, bu bu bu nobody will PAY us to play Belle & Sebastian if you're not here.... sniff sniff.