Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I want to defy the logic of all sex LARPs.

Sex LARPs?!!!?
Apparently they must exist as someone Googled 'seattle sex LARP' and ended up on SUC.
I'm not clear as to how that works- do you pretend to have sex OR do you pretend to be elves while having actual sex? Further, I assume LARPing to be a kinda guy thing, for kinda unsexy guys.


Drew said...

A tidbit of wisdom...

(taken from

"I inaugurate my course of study by attending an afternoon panel about how to bring horror into your favorite RPG. Run by three representatives from Hex Games, the company known for inventing the "quick ass game system" (QAGS), the panel quickly turns into a spirited debate about group gaming psychology.

"Personally, my ideal player is naked and on fire in a strange world!" enthuses Hex president Kevin Butler. He urges us to be imaginative, to become "partners" with our players and to remember that they need small triumphs even if they're eventually going to be eaten by aliens. A guy with a Cthulhu doll strapped to his chest in a baby carrier raises his hand and intones ponderously, "What players fear more than death is not knowing the rules."

The discussion turns to live action role playing, or LARPing, where people don't just sit around and narrate what their character is doing, but act it out. We wonder if sometimes people take their gaming too seriously when they LARP. "I keep hearing about this Scandinavian Web site about sex during LARPing," laughs Butler, "and there's this big problem with staying in character while having an orgasm. Worrying about shit like that is going TOO FAR!"

qtilla said...

Way to have answers!

I am whelmed. And under-whelmed. At the same time.