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The following appeared in my inbox this morning, courtesy of KEXP....

Good morning John,

In my never-ending quest to provide you with the information you need on the artists that

matter, today Ill answer the question, Who is Kevin Federline? As you may know, Federline is occasionally referred to as Mr. Britney Spears. Well, thats all about to change, bitch.

You see, Federline has been promoting his upcoming debut record, Playing With Fire and it sounds like were in for a treat. In a statement released through his publicist on Tuesday,

Federline, billed as "performer and rapper," says: "The inspiration and meaning behind the title is self explanatory, (because) my album is sure to set the dance floors across the world on fire!"

Wearing the ensemble that has become his signature look wifebeater, jeans, ponytail, bling Federline, says Ive been quiet for two years, he says. Now its my time to say, Hey, Im here, like it or not.

Federline says hes been a bedroom rapper for years and actually got into dancing through hip-hop. Still, when he first stepped into a studio he worked on rock and alternative music before going back to his first love. He says, I have other stuff I tried that actually sounds pretty good, alternative stuff, rock stuff, but I'm gonna go this route 'cause this is what I grew up with. This is what's in my blood. I don't know no different."

In fact, Federline says that sometimes, he just gets hit with the beat upside your head and it's like, 'Put me in the booth right now. I don't even need to write nothing down. Let's do it.' That's it for me. It's like a rush, man."

Federline has already released his first single via the Internet, "PopoZao," which is slang for "nice ass" in Portuguese. But he told MTV that his "favorite joint" is the track "Down South," a crunk tune with the opening lyric, "Put your middle fingers up if you really don't give a f---." "Pot Roastin'" is a "booty joint" with sexed-up lyrics over a simplistic beat that includes the line "Between the cheeks/ Turn your little girls from sweet to freaks." Others songs recall his troubled teenage years, including "Untold Stories," which samples a Journey track. "Using your life situations and talking about 'em, that's what hip-hop is," he says. "I'm just a real person, man. That's it."

Most of his songs, however, are straight-up club tracks. "I want to be able to go out there and dance," he explains. "I don't want to give that up. That's a big piece of my life. So in order to do that, I need to get everyone else out there to shake their ass."

Unfortunately, new-wave trailblazer and apparently, party pooper, Thomas Dolby is considering taking legal action against K-Fed for violating copyright law by using his 1983 hit, "She Blinded Me With Science in the future smash, "America's Most Hated." Dolby says he considered turning a blind eye to it before finding out the song had already aired on VH1. It's like what Vanilla Ice did with 'Ice Ice Baby' [illegally sampling Queen and David Bowie's 'Under Pressure'], although I think Vanilla Ice is a superstar compared to this guy," says Dolby. Interestingly, Federline refers to the paparazzi that follow him and Spears as "Pavarottis" in the song. Opinions vary as to whether this was intentional.

But just who is this misunderstood genius? Lets take a look.

He grew up in Fresno, California where he says, A lot of just crazy, crazy sh*t went down, so I had to get myself out of that situation. Dancing brought me out of it. Federline dropped out of high school to pursue his dancing career, and surpringly, has yet to complete his GED. He got his first breaks dancing backup for Pink and Justin Timberlake.

The relationship between Spears and Federline began with their meeting at a Hollywood club called Joseph's. Spears soon invited him on her European tour, The Onyx Hotel Tour, and she proposed to Federline on the plane ride back from the tour. On the night of September 18, 2004, two months after his second child was born to actress Shar Jackson, Federline and Spears engaged in a surprise wedding ceremony at a private home in Studio City, California. Although not legally binding, this "faux wedding" allowed the couple to finalize legal details of their marriage without the deadline of an upcoming ceremony. To celebrate their beautiful love, Spears gave Kevin a Ferrari 360 Spider that he repainted to read "Federline" instead of "Ferrari".

Federline and Spears have collaborated on a few tracks, but Federline is sitting on them for the same reason. "I think people need to get to know me a little bit more, and that way when we do something, people will respect it that much more," he said.

More good news - In fact, Federline's planning a promotional club tour, where he'll bring advance music for DJs to play so he can gauge fan reaction. "I'm excited about ... seeing the firsthand reaction of my fans listening to my songs for the first time," he says.

And hes already putting together his live show! "That's going to be the best part of my album is watching me perform it," he says. "I've seen so many stage performances and so many shows, the ideas I have for this tour are ridiculous. It's gonna be something totally different. You don't see rappers dancing, and I'm dancing for sure. And it ain't gonna be no poppy dancing. The people I got with me are a bunch of street cats who are ridiculous."

While we look forward to that, we can read into the K-Fed mind with the lyrics from
Americans Most Hated:

(Kevin Federline talking) Waitress, can I have another drink please? I'd like to formally introduce my self

Im the talk of the town

Thats the reason why they stare

4 karats in my ear

If you look see a glare

Im - one of a kind

With a wonderful rhyme

Im skatin off in a 'rari

You'll get left behind

My raps fully automatic like an AR

Droppin - nothin but heat me an JR

Im livin life in the fast lane

Then the cash came

Fire wont quit, still burnin like a gas flame

They watch me

So i duck and roll

Middle fingers still up sayin f*ck the globe

And my dawgs still down

We dont trust them hoes

I live life like a King

I was extra stoned

Kevin Federline -

I come tight with every rhyme

I built a kingdom down the street from pepperdine

This marijuana got me heavily sedated

Im Kevin Federline

America's most hated (what!)

(talking) Aww yea baby - JR mane, JR you there mane? Hey man, why dont you pass me that

bottle over there guy

Im on the frontline

Dodgin cameras like the one time

Cant even chill in this california sunshine

But its okay, i got somethin for ya

Im handin out ass kickins like diplomas

Who the first to get it?

Ya know K Feds wit it

All that sh*t rappers talk about, I already did it

Im committed - to the game

The fames why I hustle

Lyrical exercise, workin every muscle on the double

Chief and commanda

Hand ya

Ass to ya in a basket wrapped in plastic

Im looney

All these model chicks wanna do me

Tabloids tried to screw me

Magazines try to kill me

But im nasty

Too f*ckin slick and sly

So high

I could prolly drop a sh*t and fly

You gonna need a big army

If you comin for me

K. Federline - I hit like tsunamis

(talking) whoo - yea baby, that sh*t is fire right there, you know what im talkin about?

Lets get drunk to this one damn it. hoo, one more jack and coke bitch

Im bigga than you

Im sicka than you

Im here now

So they not gon pay attention to you

They listen to dude

I sizzle the booth

Im livin the truth

You f*ckas talk sh*t

Couldnt fit my shoes

I got my blue yankee fitted on

Watch to match

Little boys we can get it on

Watch your back

I got my name spreadin faster than crack

And thats just a fact

Sucked in Americas hate and now im passin it back


Who told this bastard that he cant rap

I got 50 mill.

I can do whatever I want

I dont need a deal

I can do whatever I want

I just keep it real

I can say whatever I want

Dont buy my sh*t

I bet your girl ridin to it

With her hair in the wind

And her mind on the new kid

The most anticipated

But still underated

Kevin Federline - Americas Most Hated (what!)

(talking) Ah - thank you baby. I got a tip for you after this too girl, we all gonna go

swimmin with women...dont forget your swim suit.


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