Monday, May 15, 2006

Sloth Bears are Bastards

and also much more energetic than their name implies.

Apparently, earlier today in a Netherlands Safari Park some Sloth Bears chased a Barbary Macaque into an electric fence (tool use eh?) where it was stunned and eventually escaped to a wooden structure, to which one bear pursued and mauled the screaming monkey before bringing it back to its buddies to eat... in front of a horrified live audience of zoo-going families. Apparently these creatures had coexisted harmoniously in their habitat until one day something snapped.

Some may be reminded of the deranged hippie who shares the opposing side of my cubical wall. I think something similar may occur... our zoo-manager, I mean divisional supervisor will say, "Usually it isn't possible for keepers to intervene when an animal, I mean worker, kills another. They have coexisted harmoniously in their habitat for quite sometime, but today when Gargoyle Toes bitched about being fat having just consumed a Jenny Craig meal and several Milwaukee-size cookies, then burned popcorn, ate it and made a second bag, something just snapped."

If you're interested in this bit of "animals behaving exactly as animals can be expected to do, even though it shocks us civilized creatures" news you can find it
here. WARNING- picture of mauled macaque.

For more Mauled Macaque news and pictures click
here, you sick bastard.

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