Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Ghost of Christmas Future, Steve, Ghost of Christmas Future.

Fla. man in women's bathing suit arrested

Tue May 30, 6:47 PM ET
KEY WEST, Fla. - A man wearing a purple women's bathing suit and carrying a flare gun was arrested after he told a bartender he was going to "get rid of all the dirt bags in Key West," authorities said.
Jeffrey C. Anderson, 55, was charged with carrying a concealed firearm Monday after he brandished the flare gun, which was under a skirt he was wearing, Key West police spokeswoman Christie Phillips said.
The bartender, who was not identified, was working in the downstairs bar of The Bull and Whistle, a popular Key West watering hole located on Duval Street.
"She reported she had seen a man, later identified as Anderson, dancing in the street showing tourists his private parts, and asking people for money when they took his picture," the news release said.
The bartender said Anderson then approached her, telling her he was going to get rid of the city's "dirt bags" before displaying the gun, police said.
Police quickly located Anderson and found an orange 12-gauge flare gun in his possession, Phillips said. He was transported to the Monroe County detention center. It was not clear if he had a lawyer.

Several thoughts:
1. 55 eh? MEEP.
2. How do you hide a orange 12 gauge flare gun in a swim skirt?
3. Who the hell wants to take pictures of a 55 year old man in a ladies swimsuit?
4. Who the hell wants to pay to take pictures of a 55 year old man in a ladies swimsuit?
5. If indeed people were taking pictures of this man, why are none on the damn internet?
6. Are any man's parts private when they are wearing a ladies swimsuit?
7. What kind of folks would an aging delusional tranny with no fashion sense consider a "dirt bag"?

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