Friday, January 06, 2006

I hate repeats

Well kids, it's been raining for 19 days. NINETEEN! Now let me say that, yes, Seattle is pretty grey a lot of the time, and fairly consistently drizzly throughout the winter. But it has been actually raining, raining like it rains in other places. I have been carrying an umbrella. An UMBRELLA!
I just looked at
Ok, are you ready for the 10 day forecast?
1/6 Rain
1/7 Rain
1/8 Showers
1/9 Rain
1/10 Showers
1/11 Showers
1/12 Showers
1/13 Showers
1/14 Showers
1/15 Rain/Snow

I'm going to buy some galoshes.


smp said...

Alternate title for this entry. "here comes the rain again. . . falling on my head like a memory. . ." I know, I know, overuse of elipses.

technogreek said...

I just like the word galoshes.

Like, if you lost one, you'd only have a galosh.

I find that hilarious, I don't know why.