Thursday, February 17, 2011


On Valentine's Day a rat was lying in wait next to where I park my car at Muffin's and though through my vigilance I avoided his attack, he did manage to get the back door of the car open just enough to let rain in that night.

True story.

For reals.

I pulled up and as I sat in my car sending a text to Muffin to come down and let me in, a massive rat ran through the bushes and stopped RIGHT next to my back door. I girded my self and counted to 3... a few times, then leaped out of the car, grabbed my crock pot and Muffin's gifts, kicked the door shut and hoofed it!

The next morning my door was not entirely shut and the storm that night brought quite a bit of rain into my car. Clearly the rat was casing the joint and made his move when I was out of sight. Perhaps nibbling a hole in my break line. Or maybe he just wants my car to have mildew funk. Who knows what terrible plots rats have? I've seen The Secret of NIMH.

So there you have it, proof that rats are creeping out of the toilets and reading my blog.

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