Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I'm a Ramblin' [Wo]Man

MySpace, it's not me, it's you.
So, did you guys also get a pathetic email from MySpace begging for you to come back? Did it squick you out when it said: "The new Myspace provides the best social entertainment experience on Earth. For serious."

Really "new" MySpace, "for serious"? Blech.

Also, you want me to "connect with new like-minded friends. Are you calling me a sex worker? Because as near as I can tell MySpace is entirely populated with porn-stars, escorts, foreign ladies looking for love, and random dudes (dude bots?) who think I'm "hawt" and we should "get together, girl".

Thanks, but no.

My spleen may explode, but maybe not
So occasionally when I'm eating, or just sitting there, minding my own business I will get this intense stabby pain under my ribcage on the left hand side. Since it was only occasional pain, I did nothing about it. Now I've been notified that it could be my spleen, or shingles (which I had before and don't remember much of other than pain pain pain), or maybe syphilis (Muffin would have some 'splaining to do) so I should just go to the doctor. So I am and I will update you on whether or not I may die soonish so you can keep your RSS stuff in order.

Is clumsiness a symptom of horrible disease? Just checking....
Today I tripped over my own feet, ran into a chair, spilled granola all over my desk, and got a paper cut. Maybe I should have stayed in bed?

I am officially an enormous girl
My friend Czabrina learned that wearing an eyemask while you sleep really improves the length and quality of sleep, so she made an eye mask for me for Christmas. It is awesome. I'm sleeping very well. If my mood is better, it is definitely the eye mask. And now I feel like a diva, in a good way.

In other enormous girl news
Angie and I are having a new fitness initiative that we've named Big Ass to Bad Ass. Of course my ultimate goal is to be able to be able to best Muffin in hand to hand combat, but being able to open jars, climb lots of stairs, and look hot in a swimsuit are also secondary goals. Tonight we weigh in, calculate body fat, count pushups and crunches, and measure circumferences. *Gulp*

Then for 3 months we will work like crazy! We plan to do a little hiking, a little dancing, and a lot of gym time. We both plan to start counting calories again. I hope to be pretty buff by Spring, so you'd better watch your back, Muffin.

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