Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Going public.

I've been pondering tidying this blog up. Deleting any posts that might not be something I want associated with my name. Maybe deleting any posts that just aren't up to snuff (I realize that there will be many).

I feel like anonymous blogging is great and don't plan to publicize my full name, but it seems unwise to have anything poorly written or controversial out there floating around. Certainly not with the way technology is changing. Is it only a matter of time before my name comes fully up in the blog somehow?

On the other hand, the blog is a fascinating time capsule. Furthermore, maybe there is a space on Google+/Facebook where I can move the good stuff AND the poop jokes; someplace where I can better choose who reads my unrestricted thoughts, and the blog can be a public place.

Thoughts, anyone?


Tegan said...

Yeah, know what you mean. I need to finish making all my livejournal posts from HS private. :)

Unknown said...

Sorry to be late with a comment. I faced some of this with leaving fromthebacknine for It was not my intention to change a lot, because I wanted to keep readers. But it has changed some language, politically incorrect thoughts, etc. Following the change, I have more readers but far, far fewer comments. I still don't understand that.

Papatigga said...

Funk that noise! anything you posted is how you felt at the time let that ish be free!! Who cares!!! You made me smile...I shall follow you now. Not In a creepy in your bushes stalker way though....yet. MWOHOOHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!