Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Mind boggled by Sir Richard Branson, as usual.

My brain has just drained out my ears. My favorite quirky billionaire adventurer is at it again.

Today Virign Oceanic launched, and SRB and friends will be diving to the bottom of the lowest points of the ocean(s) to explore and map what they can.


I've been feeling sad about the space program in the US and how inspiring human exploration can be and what it means to a culture to lose that. And now here is a new point of exploration. I do wonder what it means when private sources fund scientific exploration. I understand that this has generally been how this is done for the majority of human development; but, something in me thinks that everyone benefits from this type of exploratory science and isn't that something worth governmental funding?

Beyond being excited, I'm just so... pleased. Sir Richard, I would bake you a cake if I could. And I'd even try to keep my hands to myself while you snacked.

Read more at Virgin Oceanic. Seriously, you should.

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