Friday, March 12, 2010

Crap, About Which, Nobody Cares: SKOCD Special Edition

You know, Skittle Obsessive Craziness Disorder.

My last "fun" pack (sorry for the pic quality, I've been messing around with a new photo app and errrr, it's not working that well.):

So, for those keeping track:
Out of the 75 Skittles I've eaten:
Green: 12%
Orange: 19%
Purple: 25%
Red: 16%
Yellow: 28%

Please also note that I was ROBBED on March 1st with a 14 pack instead of the standard 15. Luckily I got a bonus Skittle (though I'm convinced it was YELLOW) on the 24th of February.

So my original hypothesis that red is some corporate fat cat's favorite flavor is erroneous. Green is his fav, but he mixes it up with a red occasionally. Of course, I didn't notice the discernible lack of greens because they are gross.

But wait! There's more!

Speaking of green being super gross, from Cymberleah, our first guest submission:

Now, Cymberleah's data:
Total of 59 Skittles in a standard sack.
Green: 34%
Orange: 12%
Purple: 10%
Red: 25%
Yellow: 10%

Clearly this means that the guy in charge of the regular sized Skittles packaging factory likes yellow and purple best.

It certainly doesn't have to do with Skittles being thrown into a giant hopper and never being mixed and the sacks being filled by weight. Doing it that way would be totally stupid.

In other news, my dentist is getting a new boat!


Frank the Underemployed Professional said...

Skitters! I love Skitters! You know what they say about the green ones. I stumbled across your blog while surfing with the button. I like how using one single color for the entire background worked out for you.

Kelsey said...

Ha! Awesome. Now that is research worth spending tax money on. Just ran across your blog and stopped to read. Hope that doesn't scare you. I don't have any money either - but I've often thought cheerfully that people who are hard up are probably less likely to be sued. I can only imagine how nightmarish it would be to be rich.

Teenageblogger said...

lol love the skittle project :)

Cara said...

I hate skittles... they taste like sweet candles to me