Thursday, October 01, 2009

Oh, America, why?

I found it at Freddy's!


Ferretnick said...

lazielAnd you bought it, didn't you?
C'mon.. tell the truth.

I'm surprised they haven't made one of Ron Jeremy for sale.

Back Nine said...

I have a terrible confession to make to you. I wrote the original "You'll find it at Freddy's" advertising about a billion years ago. I wrote it when I still lived in Chicago. When I moved to WA in 1994, imagine my surprise to find it on the air, in my newspaper, on trucks I passed on the highway. I think it is my albatross to carry for fucking ever. Can you ever forgive me?

qtilla said...

I suppose I can forgive this great offense. Also if it weren't for Freddy's I would never have seen this sweet topiary!